How do we keep in touch and share what we know as a Guild?  As an experiment in 2018 we are exploring lots of different computer based options.  Some have been in place and unused for several years, others are brand new and I will add more links here to useful websites and tutorials as I am given them or find them for myself.  


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New Forest Guild Community Facebook Page

Largely inactive

New Forest Guild Ravelry Group 14 members - last discussion thread 2 years ago


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Free Patterns Eva Stossen's Weaving Blog
Valentine's Day Hearts WIF & Drafts Interweave Daily post
Handwoven Master Yarn Chart The Master Yarn Chart gives the sett for a balanced plain weave for every yarn that has ever been used in Handwoven. 


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Wild Colours - Natural Dyeing
Extensive Natural Dyeing Commercial website with sales links for plants to grow, process and natural dye prepared extracts with tutorials and advice. Birmingham, UK.
Plant Dyeing with Natures Rainbow - Yellow & Blue Blog post from Flextiles - Dying with Weld and Woad 
Plant Dyeing with Natures Rainbow - Red Blog post from Flextiles - Dying with Madder
Cochineal of the Canary Islands - Trying to revive a dyeing art

Article from Turkey Red Journal