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 31st March 2018
Dear Colleague,
The Scotland, Northern Ireland and the On-line Guilds are looking forward to hosting the National Exhibition 2018.   We are fortunate in that Strathclyde University are giving us the use of their fine exhibition space. The Scottish Universities Insight Institute, formerly the Collins Gallery in the Collins Building is conveniently located within the central belt of Scotland and is just 10 minutes away from Queen Street Railway Station and not much more from Buchanan Street Bus Station. Buses are available for the short distance from Central Station for trains coming from the south. All the facilities of a large city are to hand with multi-storey parking and a hotel adjacent to the venue and cafes around and about.
There is no specific theme for selected items for the exhibition and we hope for a wide range of submissions.
To celebrate the 150th Anniversary of the birth in Glasgow of Charles Rennie Mackintosh, an influential Scottish architect, artist and interior/furniture/textile designer, the non-juried items will be a piece of textile jewellery in the style of Mackintosh, mounted on and fitting within a 12cm square of black card.
We will prepare a list of interesting places to visit in Glasgow and more widely, textile and non-textile related.
We look forward to seeing you in 2018. Best wishes, Barbara Wright
 Click here for  complete information and entry forms.
Timelines & deadlines:
  • Early September 2017: Guild Secretaries to give Guild members information about entry and dates
  • 28 February 2018: Guilds to remind members about closing date for submission of photographs to selected section and find out how many jewellery items are being made
  • 7 April: Guilds begin collecting submissions from their members and check each photo(s)/feelie piece Form
  • 14 April: Guilds submit entries for selection – Form B & Form A’s. to arrive no later than 21 April
  • 2/3 May: Selection by jury of experts
  • 19 May: Guild Secretaries and successful entrants notified about Items selected for exhibition. Non selected photos and samples returned in SAE’s
  • 26 May: Guilds send in final numbers of jewellery items for hanging (not the items) ê Late May/early June: Guilds collect selected items and fill in Form C Guilds collect jewellery items and fill in Form D Guilds send hanging fee cheque and Form E to Exhibition Submissions co-ordinator
  • 9 June: Guilds post selected items to Erika Hollingdale’s address on form C to arrive by 16 June
  • 16 June: Guilds post jewellery items to Caroline Thomson’s address on form D to arrive by 23 June
  • 16 July: National Exhibition opens
  • August: All items from National Exhibition returned to Guild Secretaries, or entrants.
16tha March 2018
From: Carolyn and Jon <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
Date: 16 March 2018 at 13:58:15 GMT
To: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Subject: book on history of woad


Dear Guild Secretary,

I am writing to please ask if you and your members would be interested in buying my recently published book on Woad and the Cloth Trade of Frome for your reference library. As some of you will have read, the book has been favourably reviewed by Christina Chisolm in the Spring Journal. I started my research more than four years ago when I came across 3 dye recipe books from the 18th Century belonging to a former  mill and dye house in the Wallbridge area of the town. I believe these workbooks are of national importance and very rare. There are a number of books with cloth and pattern samples attached but these have dyed in the wool woad/indigo samples, along with the recipes for over dyeing and I know that many of your members are interested in botanical dyeing. A couple of years later I came across another set of dye recipe books from the same period in the National Archives and coincidentally they were also from Frome, but from Welsh Mill and dye house. As far as I know,  these are the only ones held by the National Archives as they formed part of the evidence for an unpaid legacy. The collection includes 6 workbooks with pages of a range of colours used in the period, madder, browns, beiges, blues, sages, greys, and a couple of samples dyed with grain along with two small day to day workbooks. 

My book is not a 'how to' as it certainly does not comply with today's health and safety regulations, but it offers a fascinating insight into the dye trade of the period, how they may have been used commercially and their connection to the town. I researched hundreds of clothiers and more than 3000 letters of correspondence from a London factor originally from Frome. The book also includes a history of the town's commercial cloth and dye trades as woad was carted to the town in the 14th Century. There are full page images of the dye workbooks so that the recipes can be read and the colours fully appreciated, ( I had taken hand dyed samples with me so I had great fun sitting next to the printer saying that the colour was too royal a blue so it was tweaked towards the grey!) along with excerpts from 18th century letters, wills, auction sales etc. The social history describes the tribulations of the factor who complained endlessly about the quality of the spinning, the weaving and the dyeing, which most of us can appreciate, along with a few snippets of his procuring lottery tickets, travelling by machine etc.  The book is only a short print run which was funded by the Frome Society for Local Study so it is not available via the usual distribution channels but only from the Society or myself. The Society wanted to keep the cost to a minimum to make it accessible to their membership and others so it is only £24 plus postage, any profit will be donated to Motor Neurone Research. The book is 8 1/2 x 11in and 280 pages with a comprehensive bibliography. The reason that I am writing at this time is to let you know that I will be attending the WSD Conference and AGM so if you wanted to save on postage I would be happy to bring copies with me for you to collect.  If you are interested please contact me so that I can pack some books.  I hope woad peaks your curiosity as much as it does mine, I look forward to hearing from you. For a preview please click on the link below. 

Best wishes, 



Book on woad and the cloth trade of Frome available to buy from the Frome Society for Local Study


12th March 2018
Notes from the New Forest Show planning session held at the March Guild meeting.  Please contact Maggie if you would like to help or contribute either a banner letter or some crafted non-edible food for the room setting.  Click here to download the details
9th March 2018
Dear Janet, 
As a fellow member of the Association of WSD (online guild), I hope you don't mind me sending you some information for your guild newsletter, noticeboard or What's On announcement about an upcoming solo exhibition which I am showing at the Foxlowe Arts Centre in Leek, in the beautiful Staffordshire Moorlands from 6th April to 12th May.  
Whilst I realise your guild is quite a geographical distance from Leek, I thought that you might like the information in case any of your members are travelling that way over April/May.
The exhibition theme is Tactile Tectonics and is based on geology, using regular weaving techniques (such as waffle, honeycomb) and other techniques such as stitched double cloth and woven shibori for texture to create tubular Growth Forms (which were based originally on stalactites but which have since metamorphosed into other forms such as jellyfish!) and tapestry-inspired techniques such as discontinuous weft to create Strata Walls.  
The Tactile element of the title refers to both the dimensional aspect of the weaving, in which mixed yarns shrink at differing rates to give a physically dynamic surface, and also to the invitation for you to touch the exhibition pieces.  In a world where we are no longer permitted to interact physically with some natural forms, such as stalactites, this is a way to 'see through touch'.
The exhibition has been shown as part of a joint travelling exhibit (with New Zealand weaver, Agnes Hauptli) in the US, New Zealand, Switzerland and Holland and I am excited to be showing new work alongside some of the original pieces in my first solo exhibition in the UK.  You can see more information in the attached About Tactile Tectonics and Bio.  
I have also attached a flyer for my latest weaving book on Honeycomb Hybrids.  There is a review in the current Journal, but in case any of your members are interested, I hope this is useful. 
Thank you so much for your time.  
Warmest wishes, 

Stacey Harvey-Brown
Lieu-dit La Tuilerie, Route de Condom, 47600 Nérac, France
4th March 2018
Latest workshops from In the Woolshed, Warwickshire
24th Feb 2018
I am pleased to be able to offer all Guild Members a 10% introductory discount on all weaving/spinning equipment and accessories, including fibres.
If any Guild Members would like to accept the 10% discount, please enter Coupon Code “Guild” (without the apostrophes), upon checkout.
It would be appreciated, if the Member could state which Guild they are associated with as a note on any orders.
I hope you and your Guild members find this offer useful.
Many thanks.
www.craftsisters.co.uk (this will be moved to the links page after 6 months)
My name is Lorenzo Perez, I'm cochineal farmer from Canary Islands dedicated to produce high grade cochineal. 
Would love to share to your Guild Association a report on the Turkeyredjournal about our natural dye. 
If you are interested in this natural dye and need more information please don't hesitate to contact back. 
Thank you very much !
Best regards 
Lorenzo Pérez  (journal added to links - Mo)
9th February 2018

At the March Guild meeting (10th March)  There will be a rigid heddle impromptu weaving workshop in the morning as several new members have expressed an interest in help with their rigid heddle looms.  Please feel free to bring your own loom and help out or just take advantage of the expertise we have in the Guild.

5th February 2018
Good afternoon
I am writing to let you know that the South East region of the British Tapestry Group are holding an exhibition of their woven tapestries in April at 
Haslemere Museum. Full details below.
I would be most grateful if you could let your members know and look forward to seeing you there.
Best wishes
Sarah McLean
SE BTG advertising
Fourth biennial exhibition of contemporary woven tapestry
Wednesday 4th April – Saturday
21st April excluding Sundays
Open 10.00 – 5.00pm daily
Private view Tuesday 3 rd April from
6.00pm to 8.00pm – Press welcome
Haslemere Museum, 78 High Street,
Haslemere, GU27 2LA
About the exhibition
Inner Sounds, as a woven tapestry art exhibition, is the latest in a series of biennials
showcasing the individual creative practices of members of the British Tapestry Group South
East (BTGSE).
The theme of the exhibition explores types of listening, visualised in a world saturated with
sounds and images, with the intention of raising awareness whether as viewer, listener or
tapestry weaver.
The exhibitors have explored their responses through the medium of woven tapestry to
create rich and varied works of art. The tapestry art on display will include works from all
members including those who exhibit nationally and internationally as well as from those
who are at different stages of their artistic journeys.
Visit the studio adjoining the gallery where there will be:
 Weaving supplies and postcards for purchase
 Other textile related stalls
 Demonstrations (not continuous)
 Opportunities to meet and talk to the weavers
For further information on the Exhibition or Private View please contact Lin Squires
on 0780 160 7286 or by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
14th January 2018
Pat Taylor and I are running a tapestry weaving course in the beautiful village called St. Valerien in the vendee Valley in France. It is open to weavers of all abilities, beginners to advanced, and with a small group and 2 tutors every student gets lots of help and support.

The information is attached. Please could you pass it onto your Guild and if anyone is interested in coming don't hesitate to ask questions. I have advertised it in the next Journal for Weavers, Spinner and Dyers


Regional & National Events

This table lists non-guild events, please see the programme page for the New Forest Guild events.  Where appropriate contact names/numbers will be listed for those who are going or organising transport.